A Branding Photographer & Coach for Small Businesses

Photography is my creative outlet, the expression of what I see, hear, and sense. Coaching small business owners is my passion. I want to help people Grow their business and Live life beyond what they can imagine today.

I learned deep listening skills and developed a passion for people, from my grandmother. She was a fierce, independent business woman with grit and a gift for truly listening with compassion and guidance. In her memory, I gathered and displayed a collection of photos that showed her legacy and connection. I found that I could communicate emotion and character with photos in a way words could not. Soon after, I launched my photo business, which simultaneously began my transformational journey in coaching.

Through this journey of creating art and growing business, I have discovered myself, and transformed my life, marriage, family, and home while establishing and growing my business in central Delaware.

I’ve discovered there is opportunity and beauty in the most unexpected places. I am constantly seeing it for myself and for others. It’s rewarding to me to sit with someone, get curious & learn with them, as they step by step, get out of their own way and take action in their lives and businesses they never thought possible.