I believe I inherited some great qualities from my grandmother.  She was a fierce, independent business woman with grit and a gift for truly listening.  For her memorial, I gathered and displayed a lifetime collection of photos that showed her legacy and connection with the people we loved.  Soon after, I launched my photo business which turned out to be the beginning of my transformation into who I am today.
My clients tell me they feel comfortable to be themselves and express who they truly are without even realizing it during their photo session. These moments are my favorite simply because I get to know my clients and you get beautiful authentic portraits of yourself and family.  These portraits live on your business website where your prospective clients often get their first impression of you.  They also live in your home and serve as an important daily reminder of who you are as individuals and your unique connection together.  
I believe there is beauty in the most unexpected places. 
Through this journey of creating art and building my business, I have discovered myself, and transformed my life and home while establishing and growing my Portrait Studio business in Lewes, Delaware.  I am so blessed to live this beautiful life with my husband and 3 strong, independent, kids with hearts of GOLD.